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Skill Building 

Skill Building Services refers to jobs and training located at our facilities. Workers are assigned to to the recycling/ composting and assembly/kitting/packaging contract work area per abilities and capabilities. This program can help persons with disabilities learn and master basic vocational skills that are needed to become more independent and self-reliant. This is accomplished through employment in a structured setting with close supervision.

Several PreVocational skills are emphasized. These include social interaction skills, appropriate dress and grooming for the workplace, attendance and punctuality, responsibility, work production and quality, and safety. Progress is monitored through measurable goals and objectives. When these are reached, workers are ready to become involved in alternative programs.

Skill Building offers job skill development and extended job training to individuals not yet ready for community employment. Referrals to TRICO's Skill Building Program come from mental health agencies, state departments of vocational rehabilitation, Intermediate School Districts, the Veterans Administration, and private rehabilitation services.

Job and/or work station accommodations or modifications are used whenever needed. Experienced staff members are creative in solving problems, enabling workers to perform their jobs efficiently.

Dedicated Program Managers, Supervisors, and Job Coaches help persons with disabilities achieve their goals and enrich their lives.

Work in a Structured Setting
  • Paid work

  • Job training

  • Experienced staff

  • Safety awareness

  • Skill development

  • Measurable performance goals

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