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Vocational Evaluation

A Vocational Evaluation conducted by TRICO includes a variety of tests that allow individuals to learn more about themselves. The information gathered from these tests will help decide which career or training program is best for each person.

A variety of assessments are used including paper and pencil tests, computer programs, and work trials. The evaluation can cover several areas including job interests, perceptual skills, math and language levels, motor skills, personality traits, learning styles, and mechanical problem solving. 

There are some key factors to keep in mind. There is no "pass" or "fail" scoring for the assessments employed. Evaluation results are used to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement, and suitable goals. Testing accommodations are used whenever appropriate, such as reading assistance and extended time limits. A comprehensive report is provided which summarizes the evaluation results and lists career suggestions.

A Vocational Evaluation is a tool used by persons of all ages and with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds: school-to-work transition students, vocational rehabilitation clients, veterans, and adults needing a career change.  This assessment is designed to help individuals make informed decisions regarding their future. An organized approach, considering all factors, and career guidance can lead to successful employment

Career Exploration

Career exploration takes the evaluation process one step further. By using the test results, individuals can match specific interests, skills, and abilities to potential careers. Additional information regarding job outlook, wages, and training requirements can also be obtained for each job identified, via computer and published resources.


One person watching as another person takes a test
Careers that Match Interests and Abilities
  • Individualized Evaluation Plans

  • Information about aptitudes, interests,

    skills, and abilities
  • Vocational guidance and advice

  • Career exploration

  • Accommodations and modifications as needed

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