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Partners and Affiliates


The foundation of our work is to serve those with disabilities through participation in our programs via contracts with partners like:


Corporate Compliance Policy

TRICO Opportunities, Inc. is dedicated to the delivery of programs and services to persons with disabilities in conformance with standards of accountability for administration, personal behavior, business, marketing, and financial management.


TRICO is committed to the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of a Corporate Compliance Program that emphasizes:

  1. Prevention of wrong doing - whether intentional or unintentional,

  2. Immediate reporting and investigation of questionable activities and practices without consequences to the reporting party; and,

  3. Timely correction of any situation which puts the Organization, its leadership, Staff, Employees, funding sources or Program Participants (Individuals) at risk.

  4. Corporate Compliance includes following the relevant Federal and State law(s) and the organization's policies and procedures; and preventing fraud, abuse, waste and unethical conduct.


No Retaliatory Disciplinary Action: Any person making an allegation or complaint of violation of Corporate Compliance shall not have, nor result in, any disciplinary action brought against him or her; nor shall it result in barriers to service, penalty or discrimination in any form.

If you have a complaint or concern relating to TRICO's Corporate Compliance Policy, you may contact the Corporate Compliance Officer, TRICO's Executive Director, or the Board President.


TRICO Corporate Compliance Officer:

Sarah Suchovski - (906) 774-5718 ext. 206

610 North Hooper St.

Kingsford MI 49802


Executive Director:

Leanne Treiber - (906) 774-5718


TRICO Board President:

Brian Brouillette - (906) 774-2559

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