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Cost of Services

Services rendered by TRICO are usually paid for through a third party, such as by state or county funds channeled through agencies like Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare Systems, Wisconsin Managed Care organizaions, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and schools. Services can also be paid for through private insurance plans, workers’ compensation (if applicable,) or through private (self) pay.

The costs of services depend on which programs or services a person decides to be involved in. Because there are different costs associated with different services as well as periodic adjustments, detail on the cost of chosen services or programs (and source of funding) will be provided upon initial intake into a TRICO program.

TRICO’s vocational services are primarily funded by contractual agreements to provide services for a specific number of Individuals and specific number of days annually. TRICO also provides specific services at established rates, such as for vocational assessments. TRICO also generates funds to support its programs through the sales of the items produced at our facilities. TRICO does have access to grant monies, and if and when we are able to obtain grant funds, these are normally "start-up" funds for a program, service, or project. Continuation of such programs and services becomes the responsibility of TRICO and thus subject to TRICO’s discretion per available resources.

TRICO’s only other source of revenue is through contributions or donations from private individuals, businesses, and estates or foundations. As a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization, all donations to general operations, specific programs and services, or of items, are tax deductible.

TRICO Opportunities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)

Not For Profit Organization

Serving Dickinson and Iron Counties

in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

and Marinette and Florence Counties in Wisconsin

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