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TRICO Opportunities, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit charitable organization that offers vocational rehabilitation programs as well as products and work services.


TRICO earns much of its revenue through fee for service contracts and product sales, but some funding also comes from grants, special events, and charitable giving.


Persons, businesses, and organizations wishing to contribute a monetary donation to TRICO can do so by mailing it to the address below or by visiting our offices. Community support is greatly appreciated and helps us provide quality services to individuals with disabilities.


For more information, to request a tour of our facilities, or arrange a presentation given to a local club or organization, please contact:

TRICO Opportunities, Inc.

Maria Gardipee

Executive Director

610 N. Hooper Street

Kingsford, MI 49802

Phone: 906-774-5718

Fax: 906-774-5746


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