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Employment Programs

For persons with disabilities, the challenge of going to work can be difficult and daunting. Job development and placement assistance helps ensure jobs match workers’ interests and abilities. This step promotes successful employment for both the worker and the employer, and garners productive contributions to our communities.

Workers with a disability can hold a job and contribute productively to their community. Often a job can be created from other jobs. This can enable employees to work more efficiently and a person with a disability to become more independent.

The Individuals TRICO Opportunities represents want to work and possess skills valuable to an employer. They make reliable workers who can contribute to the success of any company. Employing persons with a disability helps businesses build a positive image. This, in turn, creates a positive work environment which produces a positive workforce.

Additionally, TRICO offers a variety of services that are performed at business sites in both Dickinson and Iron Counties. These include lawn care and Horticultural work, as well as commercial cleaning services.

Valuable Workers
  • Pre-screened workers

  • Positive image

  • Motivated workers

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