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Community-Based Supported Employment

Community-Based Supported Employment is an opportunity for workers with disabilities to match their skills with jobs in the community. It is a successful national program defined as paid employment in a real work setting for individuals who need support. Support can mean vocational counseling, advocacy, coordination of services, and assistance to the employer.

Workers are provided assistance in a variety of ways, including: Job Development and placement, training, job coaching, job and/or worksite accommodations, and follow-along support. Employers benefit because Community-Based Supported Employment provides a pool of prescreened workers to fill jobs. In addition, job coaches assist in training and supervising workers. Job and worker matches can help decrease hiring costs by reducing turnover. Businesses can also benefit from economic incentives and certain tax credits when a person is hired from specific groups.

The Community-Based Supported Employment program is available to individuals with a disability who want and are able to work in their community and who would otherwise have difficulty finding and keeping employment without support services. TRICO Opportunities works closely with state departments of vocational rehabilitation in Michigan and Wisconsin, local mental health agencies, the Veterans Administration, and Intermediate School Districts.

Two men using large woodworking machinery
Both Workers and Employers Benefit
  • Pre-screened workers

  • Placement assistance

  • Job coaching and training

  • Follow-along Support

  • Economic incentives for employers

  • Positive image

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