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Skills Coach

TRICO Opportunities, Inc., 610 N Hooper Street, Kingsford, MI 49802

Phone: (906) 774-5718

Do you like working with people? Do you like teaching new skills to people? TRICO is a Non-Profit Vocational Rehabilitation agency providing skills training and job development to persons with disabilities to maximize abilities and independence. We are seeking applicants for Full-Time (35 - 40 hours/week). Wage negotiable depending on experience and education; advancement potential, vacation, sick, holiday pay, health insurance and retirement benefits available. We can also provide training which can lead to certification.

Background and driving records must be approved before consideration.

TRICO Opportunities, Inc. is an EEO.

Job Description

A Skills Coach provides direct assistance to individuals with barriers to employment.

Teaching task completion and job skills, which may include developing modifications or providing accommodations, and helping to develop soft skills, social skills, and motivation, with the goal of competitive employment and greater community inclusion. The full-time position provides training and supervision in our recycling/contract work area at our facility. The hours are 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The part-time position offers flexibility with work hours.

  • Data Entry skills necessary

  • Preferred experience or education working with people with disabilities

  • Ability to inspire and motivate

  • Professional communication and interpersonal skills

  • Organizational and problem solving skills

  • Ability to operate a lift truck is helpful

  • Ability to perform and teach various entry level jobs: general labor, cleaning, material processing, machine operation and clerical skills

Minimum Qualifications:
  • High School Diploma/Equivalency

  • Supervisory experience preferred

  • Pay: $13.00/hour with additional $3.20 per hour, for Direct Care time

All applicants must fill out a TRICO employment packet to be considered for this position.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Base - $13.00/hour

Job Developer

TRICO Opportunities, Inc., 610 N Hooper Street, Kingsford, MI 49802

Phone: (906) 774-5718

A Job Developer provides job placement services including employment and educational counseling, job placement, and follow-up services to Program Participants.

Job Description

A Job Developer fulfills reporting requirements following specifications of our sponsoring agency and records information as required in the TRICO database. They will also develop relationships with community employers and service agency personnel to provide comprehensive job placement services to Program Participants.

Job Coach

The Job Coach provides direct assistance to Program Participants so they may achieve proficient quality and work performance within jobs in the local community. A Job Coach provides individualized assistance to persons to assist them in learning and maintaining a job.

Job Description

Responsibilities may include:

  • Job task analysis

  • Planning transportation and/or travel

  • Providing necessary social skill training

  • Providing individualized instruction in analyzing

  • Teaching work techniques

The Job Coach maintains responsibilities for day-to-day program operations and communicates with key personnel employed by the host business site. The Job Coach will assist with the completion of IPOS and review forms and attend treatment team meetings, IPOS and review meetings with Program Participants and Care Managers as requested. They will assist Program Participants with completion of job duties as needed.

Hours: approx., 30 -35 hours/week

  • Bachelor's degree and/or 2 years commensurate experience in Human Service Education

  • Knowledge of developmental disabilities (mental health, traumatic brain injury, etc.)

  • Continued vocational rehabilitation practices training

Wage is negotiable based on qualifications, education, and experience.

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